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1. Proper Exercise: The body is as young as it is flexible. Yoga asanas or poses and mudras regulate the hormones, strengthen the muscles and joints and build up the immune system. The dormant energy in the body, also known as Kundalini Shakti, awakens to make strong, supple and full of vitality.

2. Proper Breathing: The mind is directly connected to the breath. The breath allows fresh oxygen into the body and purifies the blood. The cells of the body receive the healing oxygen and the body and mind work at their best capacity.

3. Proper Relaxation: Most of us simply need to 'relax' to operate optimally. It is weel known that our creativity is at its best when we are totally relaxed, especially while doing what we enjoy. Yoga teaches not just the physical relaxation techniques but also mental and spiritual relaxation. As a result, we learn to excel in all aspects of our lives..

4. Positive thinking and meditation: Most of us would do wonders in our lives simply by learning to stay relaxed and positive in all situations of our lives. Meditation is simply magical in the way it helps us realize our dreams and positive thoughts by maximizing our potential and intelligence.

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